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Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Le Parfum

21 Mar 2021

There she is! That’s her!

She who has been livening up the original garden, the very unusual garden of Jean Paul Gaultier. La Belle who gets Le Beau into all sorts of trouble...

It was already hot in this garden, but now it seems to be scorching. In the garden of sin, only the merriest of sinners are allowed in. Tonight, the night is so hot that the fruits and flowers are blooming. And tonight, gluttony is no longer a sin: you can take as many bites of the apple ... Its mysterious, its irresistible and its abundant.

Welcome to a garden that is freedom; where temptation simply can’t be resisted.

What more could one want?!

A fragrance that is nectar?As if, by the grace of some succulent accord, we were able to quench the insatiable thirst for sensuality the world over. Here, Vanilla, Pear and Almond... good enough to eat! And here, Belladonna and Musk, their powers so bewitching, we succumb! And here is Bergamot, roasted Tonka beans and Jasmine, yes desire can be like taking a sip of a vintage wine?

A box which is a source?It is green, like a watering hole in an exotic garden. The lagoon where we go to quench our thirst. It can be seen a mile away, we are drawn to its alluring sun rays that bounce with the gold off this miraculous box.

A bottle that is temptation?The bust of La Belle is full of spirit (even if she likes losing her head). This is Jean Paul Gaultier after all. It is pink and red and gives off a sensuality that creates a hard time for the 'Beaux' from all over the world.

Seductive perfumers?As soon as Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant describe a fragrance to you, you are immediately captivated. Their eyes twinkle with intense glee just at the thought of the spells they will cast. Charming and seducers, they’re quite perfect for Jean Paul Gaultier’s garden...

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Le Parfum

100ml RRP $197 // 50ml RRP $145

Available at Myer stores nationally

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