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The wait is over JVN is launching in Australia! Founded by Jonathan Van Ness, JVN Hair encourages everyone and anyone to Come as you are

28 Apr 2022

JVN has a focus on science-backed, sustainable ingredients that are truly effective. JVN is nongendered haircare made for everyone. From revolutionary ingredients like Hemisqualane - our sugarcane-derived hero in every formula - to packaging to our brand message of Come As You Are, JVN is here to make an impact on the haircare industry. Haircare should feel good, look good, and be good for you and the environment.

Jonathan brings his unique blend of inclusivity, self-care, and positivity to the haircare industry so that everyone can be their most gorgeous self. A lifetime passion project, JVN is Jonathan’s ultimate love letter to himself, the planet, and everyone who embraces their true self, so come as you are.

Jonathan is an expert hairstylist with decades worth of knowledge, always curious to learn more. Forever fascinated by ingredients and the science of beauty, Jonathan’s mother often found him crouched in the corner of the beauty store at the mall, arms filled with countless hair and body products.

Jonathan’s constant curiosity led him Amyris and their innovative ingredient, sugarcane-derived Hemisqualane. Instantly intrigued by its deeply hydrating, nourishing properties, Jonathan saw the revolutionary opportunity Hemisqualane could have in haircare.

Sustainably sourced and ultra-hydrating, Hemisqualane has a refined structure that doesn’t live on the outside of the hair like traditional silicones. It deeply penetrates to assuage the damage from the inside out, filling the hair with moisture and restoring the balance of hair.

JVN doesn’t focus on hair types or gender but rather chooses to address particular hair concerns instead. There are 11 products in total, tackling everything from curl definition to taming frizz - all housed in aluminium or glass that’s 100 per cent recyclable, vegan, sulphate and silicone free.

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