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Wash Away Tangles: Introducing Run-Through Detangling Shampoo

30 Mar 2022

Oribe Hair Care expands its shampoo collection with the addition of Run-Through Detangling Shampoo. Inspired by its popular leave-in spray Run-Through Detangling Primer, the softening shampoo adds instant slip and lghtweight moisture for effortless combing and styling. The silicone- and sulfate-free formula gently cleanses without drying or stripping, and includes cuticle-smoothing ingredients such as rich butter and plant extracts to prevent and remove knots without weighing hair down. To create a customized wash and care routine, the detangling shampoo can be used in combination with any Oribe conditioner or masque based on your hair’s ever-changing needs. Whether curly and coiled, fine or thick, hair is left looking so healthy and glossy, you’ll want to run your fingers through it – and now you can.

“Hair naturally tangles when wet and the friction caused by lathering adds to the creation of these knots,” explains Michele Burgess, Executive Director of Product Development. “By creating a product that addresses detangling as part of this unique first step in caring for tangle-prone hair, we’re not only able to improve hair’s condition and make it more manageable for styling, but also deliver a more pleasurable and luxurious hair-washing experience.”

Apply to wet hair as the first step in your cleansing routine. Lather, indulge, rinse. Follow with the Oribe conditioner or masque best suited to your hair needs. For a complete detangling regimen, apply Run-Through Detangling Primer prior to styling.

Run-Through Detangling Shampoo (Size: 250 mL | MSRP: $72 AUD ) is now available on Oribe.com, Rogue Beauty and at Oribe salons and retailers nationwide.

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