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24 Mar 2022

Goldfield & Banks explores new olfactory territory with Sunset Hour, a spirited floral-woody perfume with heady tropical flourishes contrasting with luxuriously tactile woods and golden-hued gourmand notes. Sunset Hour is an olfactory interpretation of Broome’s famed pastel-hued sunset.

“Watching the sunset over the ocean is my favourite time on a summer’s day.”--Dimitri Weber, Founder and Creative Director, Goldfield & Banks.

In Western Australia’s wildly beautiful Kimberley region, the pristine white sands of Broome’s 22km-long Cable Beach are lapped by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, offering a dramatic backdrop for sunset chills. As a blazing sun dips into the Indian Ocean, the scent of fragrant native fruit pervades the languorous evening breeze. A heavenly cocktail of citrus and spicy delights awaits, giving way to a deliciously gourmand and sensuous floral heart. Best served at sunset hour!

Australia’s tropical climate in the northwestern part of the country is abundant with exotic flowers and luscious fruits. Among the fruits is the Desert Peach or Quandong, a prominent native species exclusively chosen as an inspiration botanical. This shrub in the sandalwood family lends the enchanting tart sweetness of its fruit to Sunset Hour.

“The heartbeat of Sunset Hour is a very unique and rare Australian ingredient: Quandong or Desert Peach. With this juicy, playful and addictive fruit I decided to explore a new sensual signature, fruity yet refined. I had in mind a glowy & tantalizing fragrance, but above all, elegant, surprising and unique.” Honorine Blanc, Perfumer.

Fun and frivolous from the onset, Sunset Hour opens with a crisp pear, mandarin and desert peach accord – a tart peach- and rhubarb-nuanced fruity note with a distinctive salt crusted, sun-kissed skin feel. Carrying through the heart, jasmine’s rich white floralcy with green mango, ginger and coconut cream enhance the tropical exoticism of the desert peach as pink pepper lends sharpness to this central ingredient’s tartness. All the while, Australian sandalwood, itself a close relative of the Quandong, provides a spiced-green- woodsy springboard for the fruity decadence of the coconut and desert peach, which carry through to the plush musk-vanilla base.

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