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08 Mar 2022

This season, Jurlique is launching an exclusive collection that celebrates our remarkable history with roses; Exclusive Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist Five Roses and Exclusive Edition Hand Cream Five Roses.

For this Exclusive edition, Jurlique has partnered with multidisciplinary and botanical artist, Raku Inoue.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and now based in Montreal, Canada, Raku creates art from the natural beauty that surrounds him.

Inspired from the nature he has foraged; he transforms flowers, petals and stems into beautiful works of art. Often gathered from his own back garden, Raku’s creations are elevated by botanical beauty and celebrate the life force of nature.

Inspired by our belief in a healthy eco system and working in harmony with nature, Raku created unique packaging designs for our Five Roses Exclusive Edition Collection.

Our Five Roses are lovingly grown on our Jurlique biodynamic farm, following holistic and sustainable farming practices that naturally look after plant health and the soil, ensuring nothing harmful goes into the earth.

Here, we’ll introduce you to each member of our Five Roses family – sharing their individual traits that have been loved by generations.

Firstly, the Rosa gallica is our staple rose. A unique ingredient in almost all of our skin care formulas, the Rosa gallica is known for a deep velvety rose scent and helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin. We have been growing Rosa gallica’s since Jurlique started in 1985. They repeat flower from October until April producing over one tonne of rose petals. Picked by hand lovingly and knowingly by the Jurlique farm team, it is our favourite time of year.

The additional four roses were planted on the Jurlique Farm in winter of 2018. It took three years of tender care, weeding, feeding, pruning and delicately harvesting each precious petal for this rare and wonderful exclusive-edition launch. However, the four roses are very different from one another: rugosa for its candy-like scent (which would make a lovely ingredient for cooking); canina for its white, lemony coloured centre; centifolia for its powdery, mild fragrance; and damascena for its intense and high-quality essential oil.

Rosa rugosa, Roseraie de L’Hay, bred in 1901, almost smells like candy as it dries, and would taste wonderful in cakes and rose syrup. It has a dark fuchsia colour, is low growing and repeat flowers. It has very unique leaf which makes it easy to identify.

Rosa centifolia, Fantin Latour, was named after Henri Fantin-Latour, a French painter best known for his flower paintings and specifically roses. It has a mild powdering scent and is a medium sized shrub. It loves to be pruned after it flowers, which then increases its growth and blooms for the next season. This is a once off flowering rose, with one flush of blooms in early summer.

Rosa canina, Madame Legras de St Germain, has been around since this mid 1800’s. It is the only white rose we grow at the Jurlique Farm and has a beautiful lemony centre. An extremely thorny bush, it only flowers in later spring, early summer and almost looks like a Camellia flower with an array of folding petals.

Rosa damascena, Trigintipetala, bred in 1850, is the first rose bush to flower at the Jurlique Farm. It has a light but enveloping scent that lingers. It is the rose known to produce very high quality essential rose oil.

The perfect present, from nature, our Exclusive Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist Five Roses and Exclusive Edition Hand Cream Five Roses are each a gift of harmony for those you admire most.

Exclusive Edition Mist and Hand Cream are available in-store & online at: Jurlique stand alone stores, jurlique.com.au and selected Myer & David Jones stores.

Exclusive Edition Five Roses Mist 100mL RRP $53

Exclusive Edition Five Roses Hand Cream 75mL RRP $49

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