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27 Feb 2022

Balmain and Trudon are happy to announce a special, limited-edition version of the popular Balmain – Trudon candle, with the packaging and glass container temporarily adopting a warm, crimson tone. Perfect to start this new year on a very couture note.

Since it was first introduced over a year ago, the Balmain - Trudon scented candle has become one of Balmain's most popular collaborations. Developed by the historic fashion house's Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, partnership with fragrance house Robertet perfumer Emilie Bouge, the offering is an evolution or Trudon's best-selling Ernesto candle. Which makes perfect sense, since the Ernesto has long been Rousteing's favorite, forming a key ingredient of the distinctive ambiance found within his office, studio and home, as well as the interiors or Balmain boutiques across the globe. Bouge concocted an expert floral and feminine flourish for Ernesto's masculine cedarwood, gunpower and cigar notes, relying on the mysterious and distinct touch of a black rose, in order to create the ideal olfactory reflection of Rousteing's twenty-first century Balmain.

Bouge's adept twist on Rousteing's preferred scent is not the only element of the Balmain - Trudon candle that channels the unmistakable spirit of today's Balmain. The unique glass container, with its bold stipes, reference one of Rousteing's signature Paris runway themes: his modern, luxe takes on France's traditional mariniere sweater. In addition, to best reflect Balmain's long couture heritage, the candle's label has been printed in gold foil and hand-applied directly upon the glass. Other gold-foil logos-of both the house of Balmain and house Trudon-decorate the top and sides of the candle's chic, rectangular packaging.

The special limited-edition Balmain-Maison rudon candle can now be purchased at Balmain and Trudon boutiques, as well as at Balmain.com and Trudon.com.

Available in two sizes-Classic (270g) and La Grande Bougie (2,8kg). Trudon x Balmain Paris Candle 270g RRP $249: trudon.com.au.

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