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Introducing The BoHo Collection

21 Feb 2022

The BoHo Collection is the beginning of an extraordinary new line by fine jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard. Here we find her inspiration in the Art Nouveau period, the Bohemian lifestyle, and Mother Nature's wonders. These bold and bulky, chic pieces are lavish creations, crafted by hand in our artisan’s workshop; individually shaped, set with unique selected gemstones and precious diamonds, and all mounted in rich textured 18 karat gold.

Charlotte Lynggaard visited Pietrasanta in Italy together with her husband, Michel. For centuries, Pietrasanta has been the hotspot for sculptors due to the local Carrara marble and the professional bronze casters and stone carvers in the town. Here, they took a sculpture course with Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Eli Benveniste. Always been fond of modelling with her hands, Charlotte did now create larger reliefs - giving her inspiration to build up a ring in a different way. Her true inspiration for The BoHo Collection was ignited.

Over a year ago, Charlotte Lynggaard created the first BoHo ring for herself. She has been wearing it almost every day since - reflecting the fact that she is always taking pride in spending the time necessary to perfect a piece of jewellery.

Turning a creative idea into a unique piece of craftsmanship can be a time- consuming process. The BoHo Collection illustrates how the vision can remain a dazzling dream in the creative corners of the designer's mind before reaching its audience.

Small glimpses of the extraordinary BoHo Collection have been seen on Charlotte Lynggaard’s Instagram during the year, and the beginning of the collection is now finally ready to be unveiled to its quality-conscious audience …

Ole Lynggaard’s high-quality standards naturally entail an on-going search for rare gemstones of incredible lustre and irresistible tones. The gemstones are carefully reclaimed from Africa, Australia and South America, and each gemstone in the collection is selected by Charlotte Lynggaard – making every piece in The BoHo Collection absolutely one-of-a-kind.

The BoHo Collection is crafted by hand in our Copenhagen-based atelier. Every piece is being adjusted to the specific stone and the surface is applied by the hands of our skilled goldsmiths. The unique cut unleashes light from every corner – portraying the magnificence of all the wonderful gemstones in the world. Each large Green or Cerise Tourmaline gemstone is followed by its own GIA Certificate – representing the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. The GIA number will be engraved in the ring. Always attentive to the versatile life of women, Charlotte Lynggaard has designed the BoHo Earclip with two “eyes” – allowing its wearer to create her own expression with playful pendants and colourful drops.

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