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The Sparkle of Extravagance

15 Feb 2022

At Piaget, a timepiece is first and foremost a piece of jewellery. From the case to the dial, the bracelet to the gem-setting, each Limelight Gala timepiece is brought to life thanks to the talents of Piaget’s artisans who never stop innovating. The Limelight Gala Aventurine is a celebration of this creativity and savoir-faire.

The Limelight Gala design is more than just a shape; its asymmetrical lugs, cambered case, and expert setting of diamonds are the signature style of the collection, which is made for free-spirited women whose radiance shines effortlessly. More than a timepiece, the Limelight Gala is a statement. More than jewellery, it is the beginning of a story, where each creation becomes one with its keeper and they shine as one.

Housed in a 32mm white gold case adorned with swirls of 62 diamonds set on two elongated lugs, the Limelight Gala Aventurine features a magical aventurine dial. A type of glass dating back to 17th century Venice and the famous glass-making quarter of Murano, aventurine includes the addition of copper oxide to glass, which mimics the stars in the galaxy. As a fitting tribute, the origins of the word aventurine, come from the Italian for “adventure”.

The sparkle of aventurine and diamonds is paired with a sophisticated white gold Milanese mesh bracelet. Crafted with the same refinement and creative extravagance as an haute couture gown, this intricate bracelet takes over 100 hours of craftmanship by no less than eight of Piaget’s artisans. It all starts with one gold thread, which is then shaped in a spiral and weaved together to create a supple fabric of gold. Each bracelet is formed by 366 spirals and a sliding buckle, to provide comfort and an extraordinary flexibility.

The collection is limited to 300 pieces for women looking for that extra special sparkle of extravagance to express their very own sense of style.

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