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18 Dec 2021

“Fragrance exists in the mind, not just in the senses.” – Mrs. Estée Lauder

When Mrs. Estée Lauder created Youth-Dew bath oil in 1953, she revolutionized the fragrance industry. 75 years later, the brand carries on her legacy with the introduction of a NEW Luxury Fragrance Collection, eight extraordinary fragrances that take the wearer to enchanted, undiscovered places; the mind and senses become thrillingly alive, awakened, and transformed.

Each distinct fragrance offers a new realm of experience, inspired by the wonder, rush and sensuality of nature’s most breath-taking moments, and then heightened, intensified, illuminated, elevated. Experience the fullest radiance of a sunset, the mystery of a moonlit flower, the joy and warmth of sunlight. Each fragrance is exquisitely crafted with the finest ingredients and mood-boosting scents to ignite the imagination and unlock a heightened sensorial experience.

Nature and science collide to keep each unforgettable moment alive with a first in luxury fragrance longevity. Estée Lauder’s new and exclusive Scent. Capture Fragrance Extender technology is specially formulated to allow each scent to last up to 12 hours after a single application.

In addition, each of the scents in the Luxury Collection scents were demonstrated in independent neurosensorial testing to evoke specific emotions in those who were drawn to them. Joining forces with your own imagination, they set free a new world to call your own.

Let your mind imagine them. Let your senses feel them.

Each fragrance in the Estée Lauder Luxury Fragrance Collection is available in 100ML and 40ML sizes. Available at all counters throughout Australia and online.

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