Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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14 Dec 2021

Taking inspiration from the brand’s successful womenswear line, a new iteration of SIR. Mens brings together a capsule of wardrobe essentials featuring textured fabrics and earthy tones to create versatile pieces for every man.

Playing on proportions the collection has a relaxed feeling, while allowing space to size down for a more fitted look. The palette is soft and tonal, drawing from feelings of wellness and comfortability in these times of reflection.

A concise, yet versatile offering ensures variation and flexibility through textural fabrics and proportions that lend themselves to the desire of creating staples that last a lifetime. This is also reflected through the choice of fabrics, a conscious curation of linen, organic cotton poplin, cotton jersey, hemp and virgin linen viscose.

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