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Indulge in Susanne Kaufmann’s assortment of Bath, Body and Face

07 Dec 2021

Exclusively at MECCA in Australia, Susanne Kaufmann introduces a luxurious assortment of bath, body and face products that will make whoever receives them for Christmas feel special.

The NEW Oil Bath for the Senses leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. The rosemary twig was harvested in Portugal promotes blood circulation and the skin's metabolism, while sugarcane bagasse and corncob replenishes your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and nourished.

The NEW luxurious Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath is perfect for unwinding both body and mind. It's enriched with soothing Mallow to protect against environmental stressors, moisturise the skin and soothe irritation, and Lavender which has a relaxing and calming effect on the mind. The fine foam and relaxing fragrance make it a truly indulgent treat.

Finishing the body treatment ritual with Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Butter: It offers sustained hydration and antioxidant protection and is perfect for dry, damaged skin. It feeds the skin with essential vitamins and promotes younger, firmer, more even toned skin. Use daily or apply after tanning for longer lasting colour.

For face, Harnessing the powers of plant extracts and nourishing oils, the deeply hydrating Moisturising Mask is perfect for all skin types to nourish, protect and smooth.

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