Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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The IC&Co Summer Hair Care Tips

06 Dec 2021

Can’t visit your hairdresser for a summer hair trim? No worries at all, from scalp care to the hair ends, these tips will still give you the salon results healthy looking hair at home.

1. Why match the shampoo with the conditioner? You can switch to a balancing shampoo to go with a moisturizing conditioner. Time to learn how to customize your hair care routine.

2. On the day you exfoliate your face and body, why not also give your scalp a deep cleanse too?

3. Introduce masks to hair while applying a facial mask sheet. You will be surprised some hair masks requires shorter absorption time than your facial treatment products.

4. No need to skip the good hot tools, simply introduce a heat protective product before blow-dry or styling.

5. Summer time isn’t always about fighting frizzy hair. Don’t forget to shield your hair length from the UV and pollutant damages.

6. Select volumizing hair products before jumping in front of your camera. A shine spray will also make you stand out in those video calls.

Feel confident to browse online and place your next order to get them delivered for a great summer look. IC&Co also picked these summer hair care heroes for you:

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