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In a kaleidoscope of the sand, sea & sky, Ella Bache celebrates an Australian summer shared together

03 Dec 2021

This festive season, Ella Bache is bringing together cult favourite products with their ‘A Ray of Light’ limited-edition collection of joyful skincare gift packs. Inspired by peering through a kaleidoscope, a brilliant array of colours and shapes reflect the sand, sea, and sky; celebrating the iridescence of Australian summertime.

Share a ray of light (or treat yourself) with Ella Bache's Rejuvenating, Hydrating and Illuminating Skin Collections; each featuring Ella Bache’s best-selling and cult favourite products and designed with specific Skin Solutions in mind.

Gift wrapped in vibrant, vivid packaging, the kaleidoscopic collection explores how in times when the world seems shaken, there is beauty in coming together to celebrate. The collection brings together nods to Australian summers spent by the sea, under the sky, and immersed in nature.

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition collection at all Ella Bache salons, David Jones stores nationally, and on www.ellabache.com.au.

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