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L’Artisan Parfumeur relaunches La Botanique - Nature Transcended

01 Dec 2021

Six imaginary journeys. Six unexpected combinations. An abstract & fantasized vision of nature. La Botanique celebrates nature in its most abstract, fantasized and mysterious forms. With the perfumer Daphné Buguey, L’Artisan Parfumeur invites to explore the cabinet of curiosities which nature is, through six mysterious olfactory promenades.

The Latin names echo botany, and each fragrance carries with its name, a number corresponding to the number of edits that were made to the original formula to achieve the final fragrance.

La Botanique is relaunching through an artistic collaboration with the renowned illustrator, Katie Scott, and expresses the brand at its purest.

Katie Scott is an English illustrator based in London. As a renowned artist, she collaborated on a multitude of projects of international reach. She takes her inspiration from Nature and is fascinated by plants and their anatomy. Her style is influenced by botanical drawings from the 17th Century. Her work is centred around bringing to light Nature’s hidden and peculiar details the same way medieval illustrators did, while integrating contemporary techniques and her personal original vision.

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