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Aesop Anatomy of Generosity - Gifts to gratify the skin and senses

26 Nov 2021

Entitled ‘Anatomy of Generosity’, Aesop's 2021 collection of Gift Kits is designed to honour and encourage everyday acts of kindness. Each kit has been tied to one of five registered charity groups. As a concrete gesture of support, the Aesop Foundation—the brand’s now global charitable platform—has donated AUD $100,000 to each of these organisations, regardless of sales.

Launching on 1 November 2021, the Gift Kits celebrate five of the starring roles in any nurturing and equitable society. Each of these personas correlates to one of the featured charities and the work that they do. Through the altruistic archetypes after which they are named, the kits can also serve as a token of recognition for the recipient, representing the values they embody for the giver.

Each contains an assortment of complementary products, housed in a case made from 100% recycled paper pulp, making for a conscionable gift option whose impact reverberates beyond the first exchange.

The ‘Anatomy of Generosity’ can be read as the first page in the next chapter of the Aesop Foundation, as it aims to expand and engage a wider breadth of charitable organisations around the world that promote storytelling.

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