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Juliette Has a Gun introduces Lili Fantasy, carefree as a bubble of champagne, frivolous and disobedient

04 Nov 2021

‘The most important thing, darling, is to live a fabulous life.’- Freddie Mercury

It has been said that behind those velvet curtains, the unruliest receptions of the city come to pass. The whimsical Queen of Parisian nights, their hostess, invites a hand-picked selection of guests to witness the spectacle of her fantasies. Beneath the glow of the chandeliers, amidst the sparkling champagne glasses and diamonds, the mysterious hostess twirls to her heart’s content. The only rule imposed upon her guests... is that there are none.

If ever you were to be invited, a word of advice my dear: be sure to don your very best attire and be nothing short of magnificent.

Rumours has it that Juliette, our favorite Queen of the Parisian nights, hides a secret. It has a name, Lili Fantasy. A scandalous fragrance, an intriguing bouquet of white flowers, ambery notes with a slight Bubble gum gourmand facet. An olfactory whirlwind that precedes her whenever the irreverent Lady sets the dance floor alight one last time, before slipping away through the early morning mists, clutching her heels, to the cushioned comforts of her rooms.

The bottle containing our enigmatic Elixir has been spotted in the Ton. It is said that this jewel, swathed in purple, unveils its colour in transparency.

Embroidered with silver, it finally utters its name... Lili Fantasy.

The rumour is confirmed. And yet the true identity of the Queen remains a mystery...

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