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It’s Screen Time! It’s your daily DNA protection

17 Oct 2021

Dr Naomi Skin is the result of twenty years of skin expertise created by pioneering Australian Cosmetic Physician Dr. Naomi McCullum made for the Beauty High Achievers, affectionately known as ‘BHA’s.

Dr Naomi Skin has everything we’ve come to expect from next gen skincare and more. Yes, it’s made in Australia, vegan and cruelty free, and also: highly efficacious, cosmeceutical-grade, uses innovative technology, clean ingredients and leading advanced actives, combined with the latest delivery systems for enhanced penetration and visible results.

And industry first-of-its-kind, Dr Naomi Skin has brightening at the core of the range across all of its 18 products. The Dr Naomi’s Proprietary Brightening Cocktail targets pigmentation, improves clarity and restores a luminous sparkle back to skin – it’s the dream. But brightening isn’t its only objective, it tackles other skin concerns too, with three skin-transformative, mix-and-match collections Everyskin, Fillersta and Rejuvenati.

Introducing Screen Time, an Antioxidant-rich DNA defender and environmental shield that contains sunscreen. A staple in the Everyskin collection, it’s formulated to protect skin from pollution and visible, infrared and blue light spectrums. Kiy ingredient French Pine Bark Extract is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C working to regenerate collagen, hydration and microcirculation. This daily shield also contains skin brightening actives Symbright and Pycnogenol, Red Algae and sea minerals Calcium and Magnesium.

Screen Time is more than your average sunscreen and environment protector, it doubles down on pigmentation reducing and future-proofing against dark spots and discolouration.

Screen Time Daily Environmental Shield to protect & brighten with sunscreen & blue light defence, is available in 50ml RRP AUD$79.

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