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Oh Chaumet~ Bee My Love!

08 Oct 2021

Chaumet is writing a new chapter in the history of its iconic Bee My Love collection with creations that are more precious than ever. They highlight an exceptional innovation: the Taille Impe?ratrice, which gives diamonds extraordinary brilliance and fire. Radiant and bold, they are designed to mix freely and easily with the collection’s emblematic pieces.

This charming and earnest insect is a signifier of eternity and an imperial symbol closely linked to the history of the Maison.

Shaped with perfect geometry, the gold captures and diffuses the light on the face and on the edge of each alveolus, projecting warm flashes on the skin, echoing the origins of the Maison and its founder, who was a goldsmith before becoming a jeweller.

The graphic and contemporary Bee My Love honeycombs feature in creations that have become Chaumet icons. Timelessly elegant jewellery, with a universal yet distinctive identity. Their versatile design is interpreted in a variety of functions and forms, from the purest to the most sophisticated.

Possessing exceptional radiance, the new Bee My Love creations highlight an extraordinary innovation by Chaumet: the Taille Impe?ratrice.

This unique diamond cut revisits the honeycomb through its hexagonal shape and transposes the symbolism of the bee’s figure?of?eight dance into jewellery.

88, a lucky number that, as always with Chaumet, gives the jewel a greater depth of meaning. 88, like a double evocation of infinity, for a cut that appears to multiply and intensify the light and sparkle of diamonds.

The orientation of the facets has been conceived to capture more light rays and return them by increasing their intensity. This magical wonder is the result of a long process of research and creativity, during which the diamond cutters were inspired by the cuts that give gems the most brilliance.

The Taille Impe?ratrice diamonds are thus endowed with an extraordinary brilliance, even more vivid than that of a traditional brilliant cut. Their sparkle and fire draw the eye like an aura, as jewellery with exceptional radiance.

To embody the most radiant of declarations, the new Bee My Love solitaire is set with majestic Taille Impe?ratrice diamonds. A refined creation matching perfectly with a bold pendant, pared?down stud and drop earrings, or a Y?shaped necklace with asymmetrical pave? that revisits the Maison’s prized tradition of the ne?glige?e necklace.

The new Taille Impe?ratrice lights up a graphic and precious parure of interplaying asymmetrical effects. The rose gold and diamond honeycombs seem spontaneously arranged to create a short necklace and articulated bracelet, to match with an architectural ring and drop earrings.

Blends of diamonds and rose, yellow or white gold; pairings of short and Y?shaped necklaces; assortments of bracelets; rings mixed, remixed or even slipped on each finger... The spontaneous opportunities for self?expression are endless.

Suffused with sunlight, it’s a collection for lovers of life. These are jewels to be cherished, gifted to bring pleasure and collected, one after the other.

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