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Piaget Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Sparkling Creations

18 Sep 2021

When the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, the full moon shines brightly, and the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers. In traditional Chinese culture, the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a symbol of perfect reunion and happiness. Over the centuries, just as Chinese people have an endless chasing for "perfect happiness" on the Mid-Autumn Festival, even if family members are thousands of miles apart, they still want to reunite on this day.

Since ancient times, countless Chinese poets and scholars have used the ‘Blooming Flowers and Full Moon’ as a theme, leaving behind poems that have been filled with infinite blissful hopes for family reunion on this night of the full moon and recited by generations for thousands of years. Piaget is offering a special selection of jewellery and watches inspiring from moon and flowers to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the reunion with perfect happiness.

“Over the sea grows the moon bright”

The Mid-Autumn Festival originates from the ancient Chinese custom of worshiping the moon, when people prayed for blessings under the bright light of the moon. The Piaget Limelight Stella is an elegant watch collection with sophisticated moon phase, in which the cycle of the moon is brought to life on your wrist, symbolizing the love from beloved one, a friend or a relative to accompany the wearer at any time.

The two Piaget Limelight Stella High Jewellery watches (G0A40039 & G0A40040) are an excellent combination of fine watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship. The dial is crafted from refined mother- of-pearl that emits a bright shine, resembling that of pure moonlight. From 10 to 2 o'clock, the dial features a grey moon phase display with a curved window that opens like a curtain, revealing a clear night sky. The shimmering light emitted by the diamonds and the luminous clarity of the dial complement each other well, like the gleaming reflection of waves and moonlight sparkling in clear and crystalline lake.

Beautiful diamonds are also present on the clasp and crown. The Limelight Stella High Jewellery watch is set with 224 shining baguette-cut diamonds around the bracelet. It is equipped with the 584P automatic mechanical movement - the precise moon phase display only needs to be adjusted every 122 years, which is an illustration of the timeless cycle of moonrise and moonset in itself.

The other two models in the Limelight Stella Collection (G0A40123 & G0A40111) are available in pink gold with a pure-white alligator strap and a white dial, and in white gold with a blue alligator strap and a white dial. 14 diamonds are set around the moon phase display, resembling the glow of the moon on a blue night sky. The entire bezel is surrounded by diamonds, shimmering brightly like stars.

“Amongst the flowers is a pot of wine”

In ancient Chinese poetry, beautiful flowers and wine are both indispensable symbols of celebrating reunion in every delightful moment. The flowers in full bloom add to the joy of the reunion, and the faint fragrance makes everyone cherish the vintage wine in the cups.

Inspired by Yves Piaget Rose, Piaget Rose Collection, with its delicate gold carving and gem-setting techniques, is a tribute to this festive season of tenderness. The Yves Piaget Rose was born out of the obsession of rose from Mr. Yves Piaget. The rose won the International New Rose Competition in 1982 was named after him, and since then Piaget has created numerous jewellery pieces inspired by this unique flower. The delicate flower was thus made to eternal, allowing to share its beauty with everyone.

This year Piaget Rose Collection is presenting new jewellery creation in a bouquet style that accentuate the rich colours, textures, and volume of a beautiful bunch of Piaget roses. The new rose gold "Palace Decor" ring (G34UX100) and earrings (G38U0085) showcase a stunning gold carving technique. With the outstanding hand-carve palace-Decor, the cascading rose petals revealing a gorgeous embossed texture, and diamx`onds set like dewdrops that create an eye-catching sparkle perfectly illustrates the craftsmanship of the Maison.

The white gold ring, ear clip and necklace of Piaget Rose collection depict the soft charm of the Piaget Rose with diamonds and white gold, showing infinite brilliance. The ear clip (G38U0089) shows a delicate sense of layers with a bouquet of Piaget roses, blooming gracefully at the top of the ears. The diamond- encrusted flowers shine brightly, and the smooth white gold petals encrusted with a single diamond flower is fresh and lovely. The hollow flower design shows lightness and delicacy, and the rich shape shows the vitality of the flowers. The white gold ring (G34UU900) from the Piaget Rose collection is set with up to 98 brilliant-cut diamonds that create a delicate rose. The sliding white gold necklace (G34UU900) is set with 41 brilliant-cut diamonds arranged in the shape of a Piaget Rose. The rose pendant can be adjusted by sliding along the chain, revealing its feminine versatility.

Perfect happiness is a reflection of people’s hopes for reunion and fulfillment. As time passes by, Piaget creations accompany you each day and night, releasing its bright and witnessing every extraordinary moment of blooming flowers and full moon.

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