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Skinimalists, Rejoice! The NEW botanical kinetics serums from Aveda Allow you to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

11 Sep 2021

Enhancing your natural beauty, simply and effectively, just got easier with the launch of botanical kinetics serums from Aveda, a trio of targeted skin care solutions with serious plant power. Aveda, the high- performance, plant-infused hair care brand with a mission of sustainability, has perfected the art and science of naturally derived formulas with clinical results in its products—and, to that end,

botanical kineticsserums feature a fusion of plant stem cells and plant-derived acids that were selected for their transformative powers. The three serums—Intense Hydrator, Instant Luminizer, and Pore Refiner—are pure, plant-powered skin care products backed by clinical results, and they are vegan and cruelty-free.

“Each of these three serums targets a specific skin care solution, so the user is enabled to choose the product that addresses what they need—without the extra ingredients that they don’t,” says Christine Hall, vice president of research & development for Aveda. “We formulated these to provide skin care enthusiasts with plant-powered solutions that provide instant gratification, but also transformative results over time.”

Plant Stem Cell + Plant Acid Technology: botanical kinetics serums are powered by the fusion of two complementary powerful plant actives into each serum formula. Every bottle is power-packed with plant-derived acids and 10,000 plant stem cells. Chosen for their demonstrated transformative powers, the stem cells and plant acids are combined for maximum efficacy, with visible results from first use. To create the formulas, Aveda captured the power of plant regeneration at the cellular level with stem cells cultivated from plant extracts in their botanical lab. This allowed the R&D team to obtain higher levels of actives that may occur only at very low levels in soil-cultivated plants. Aveda’s high-performance acids – Hyaluronic, Alpha Hydroxy, and Beta Hydroxy – are all 100% derived from plants.

Botanical kinetics serums are 97% naturally derived , cruelty free, and vegan. The unit carton is made with 90% post- consumer recycled fiber, the glass bottle is recyclable, and they are manufactured with 100% solar and wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets balancing our electrical and natural gas usage.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Serums (30ml RRP AUD $66) are available at Aveda salons, spas, stores and online at aveda.com.au.

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