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Carriére Fréres presents ALOYSIA CITRODORA Verbena Scented Candle

25 Aug 2021

A ligneous plant from the Verbenaceae family, Lemon Verbena is known for its scented leaves, which are cultivated for their unique citrusy taste and scent. Originally from the Andes, cultivated from Argentina all the way to the Equator, Chile and the Peruvian coast, it is odorant and flavourful: useful in the kitchen, especially when preparing herbal teas or liqueurs, her digestive and soothing properties have been known for centuries.

A newcomer in Carrie?re Fre?res’ herbs family, the Verbena scented candle and diffuser join the heart of the collection. Filled with green, citrusy notes, both immediately reconnect the interiors to a powerful nature.

Verbena is known for its soothing properties, it helps fight stress and anxiety. It is also known to relieve sleep disorders.

In a bedroom, on a bedside table, or in a bathroom for moments of relaxation.

The new Carrie?re Fre?res Verbena Candle is the first 100% organic vegetable wax of many more to come. Made of European rapeseed wax, it is part of a sustainable commitment. It is made up of 23% verbena essential oils and 20% recyclable glass.

The pack and leaflet are made of 100% recycled and recyclable FSC paper printed with vegetable ink.

Carriére Fréres - Verbena Scented Candle RRP $69 (185g) Available on www.libertineparfumerie.com.au.

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