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Omnilux: Medical-Grade LED Light Therapy To Deliver Professional Results At Home

20 Aug 2021

Omnilux is recognised as the world leader in medical-grade led light therapy devices. It is the most tested and trusted brand of LED phototherapy systems on the market today, and has been the gold standard around the world for medical and aesthetic applications since 2003. Omnilux is the brand most recommended by Dermatologists and is supported by more than 40 published studies that validate its clinical claims and treatment protocols.

Now, for the first time, Omnilux presents Dermatologist-recommended LED light therapy devices you can use at home that are based on their proven, professional-grade technology.

Designed with the same optimised energy output and wavelengths of light as the gold-standard medical devices, you get professional results in a single 10 minute treatment session in the comfort of your own home.

Contour’s LED bulbs emit both red (633 nanometers) and near-infrared (830 nanometers) wavelengths of light. The Omnilux Contour Face device has the highest number of LEDs available, with a total of 132 LEDs encased in 66 bulbs offering a large overall treatment area.

How does it work?

As we age, damaged skin loses elasticity and the ability to regulate pigment production. This leads to sags, wrinkles, age spots, and redness. With published clinical studies and 20 years of research, Omnilux Contour uses optimised doses of red and infrared light to supercharge the body’s own natural cellular healing response, and reverse the visible signs of ageing.

Is it safe?

Over 40 clinical studies and nearly 20 years of experience have proven that Omnilux light therapy is very safe, with no adverse side effects, no pain and no downtime. Omnilux Contour provides the highest energy output among home-use LED devices at ~30mW/cm2 (Milliwats) yet generates no heat or UV light and is safe for all ages, skin types and eyes.

What does it do?

Proven to naturally reduce fine lines & wrinkles, Omnilux stimulates the body’s own, natural healing process, creating new collagen and elastin while also reducing the appearance of pigmentation, redness, and sun damage for rejuvenated, plumper skin.

Use Omnilux Contour Face device 3-5 ten minute treatments per week, on clean skin, for the first 4-6 weeks and then as often as desired. There is no downside to using it more frequently. The devices are completely portable allowing for use on the go or while moving freely about your home.

Omnilux Contour Face RRP AUD $590

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