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NEW Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence: FIGHT FATIGUE MORNING & NIGHT

14 Aug 2021

Introducing the latest innovation to L’Occitane’s best-selling Immortelle Reset range – the NEW Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence, your daily defence against fatigue.

After cleansing and toning, the Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence works to prepare your skin for your carefully curated skincare regime to follow. Maintain your skin’s balance and strengthen your microbiome for more radiant-looking skin.

Made with 99% natural-origin ingredients and free from silicones, this potent, tri-phase formula offers an instant sensorial experience, with three layers of efficacious skincare.

The base consists of a 70% aqueous phase, with Acmella Oleracea and natural prebiotics - a new ingredient to L’Occitane’s artillery of natural- origin skincare.

Followed by a middle layer of Immortelle Essential Oil to fight fatigue, and topped with a velvety oil finish to compliment the skin’s natural water/oil balance and composition.

Prep and activate your skin for your routine to follow, for better product absorption and efficacy. The result is skin that feels healthier and looks more balanced, refreshed and reset.

Immortelle Reset Tri-Phase Essence 150ml RRP $119

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