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L’Occitane Happy Shea! Your Winter Mood Booster

06 Aug 2021

L’Occitane says goodbye to the winter blues with their limited edition, mood boosting Happy Shea Invigorating collection. Re-imagining four iconic Shea products with a refreshing citrusy ginger scent, these ultra-nourishing products work to reinvigorate your body for an uplifting effect on your mind and mood.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs when there is reduced sunlight at certain times of the year, usually when the temperatures drop, and the days become shorter throughout winter. To brighten your day and boost your mood, L’Occitane’s limited edition Happy Shea products will envelop you in a ‘smile boosting’ citrusy ginger scent. Patented* and proven to lift your mood by using neuro-scientific techniques, where 88% of users** associated the scent with images related to happy emotions.

L’Occitane welcomes the Happy Shea Invigorating Body Shower Cream, Ultra Rich Body Cream, Ultra Light Body Cream and Hand Cream to their stable of global best-selling products, all enriched with Shea Butter sourced from our long standing partnership with the women of Burkina Faso.

Loved across the globe, it’s thanks to the hard-working female produces in Burkina Faso, who are supported through the L’Occitane Foundation to cultivate the nourishing ingredient found in the limited-edition Happy Shea Invigorating collection.

The production of Shea Butter in Burkina Faso, known as ‘women’s gold’ as only females are allowed to harvest the nuts to create the divine butter. Through the L’Occitane Foundation, they have supported over 42,000 women in Burkina Faso, who work to produce over 700 tonnes of Shea Butter each year.

Traditionally used by the women of Burkina Faso for cooking and baby care, Shea Butter works hard to provide protection and nourishment to the skin. Helping to protect skin barrier function, pure Shea Butter works to maintain the skin’s hydration all year round, whenever the skin needs extra moisture.

When applied, Shea Butter is quickly absorbed into the skin forming a barrier and holding moisture, without leaving behind a greasy film. The benefits of Shea Butter include anti-inflammation properties for irritated skin, protecting the skin from free radicals that cause premature ageing and boosting collagen.

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