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Rochas GIRL: Are you ready for change?

05 Aug 2021

It is a word that stands for something. The awakening of a new generation who are mindful of and attentive to their own well-being. A word of affirmation. For all girls who champion a new vision of luxury: the enormous privilege of being yourself and feeling good in your body, mind and in the world. A word that calls the girls of today to unite. To rally in the knowledge that, together, they can build a brighter future for themselves and for others.

Mindful, generous, positive media activists... GIRL embodies this generation and its modern perspective. A fragrance worn to do good, to yourself, to others and where possible, to the planet. And in its trail, hints at the beginnings of a joyous revolution...

Welcome to a changing world! Get Into the Real Life! Spray good, feel good!

Society is forever telling girls around the world what and who they should be... which is definitely not their true selves! With a hint of freedom in its trail, GIRL is an eau de toilette worn to say “no” to doing as you’re told and to focus on what really matters: finding yourself.

The first 100% FEEL GOOD fragrance: This new kind of Citrus Woody Floral eau de toilette is truly a female affair. Composed by IFF Master Perfumer Anne Flipo, it stands as an ode to freedom and well-being with a vegan, 90% natural-origin formula that relieves pressure thanks to neroli extract, whose relaxing properties have been proven by neuroscience*. This precious and 100% natural ingredient is responsibly sourced, completely traceable and does you good.

Feeling better is good... But feeling really good is even better! With the first breath, a weight is lifted off your shoulders thanks to the natural boost of freshness from soothing neroli, setting the stage for crisp blackcurrant bud and sparkling pink peppercorns, which add a definite edge! The second breath brings a bright expanse of light. A large bouquet of white flowers reveals its full femininity: radiant and immaculate orange blossom and jasmine, with a velvety and slightly balsamic orchid. Lastly, sandalwood and cedarwood sensually warm the skin with a hint of vanilla, bringing new heights of wholeness.

Are you ready for change?

Together, we represent endless possibilities!

GIRL is a celebration. A celebration of all girls, everywhere on the planet, who believe in a more inclusive world where individuals come together to create an irresistibly rich sense of unity.

GIRL you know... It’s true!

From the very first notes of Girl You Know It’s True by Milli Vanilli, it is clear that the GIRL campaign, directed by Laura Weaver, will be unlike any other. With her pop-inspired, colourful style, the young photographer and director captures the essence of the joy of being together, of being both many and one. It is a story about girls, by girls and for girls.

GIRL IS NOT an artificial cast... It’s a real story of friendship between Emma Le Doyen – friend of Laura Weaver and the model chosen for the campaign – and Lavinia Julien and Jade, her GIRL squad (G)IRL.

GIRL IS NOT a convoluted storyline... It’s the real luxury of spending time with people you love.

GIRL IS NOT a complicated set... It’s the most beautiful decor out there: the natural world that surrounds us, both here and there.

GIRL IS NOT photoshopped life, it’s unretouched models... Because joy, friendship and femininity need no correction or post- production!

“There’s no planet B”! But there is a community that chooses to consume intelligently for a better world. A new, responsible generation that rightly wants to know what it’s buying.

GIRL is:

-       A minimalist formula: vegan, 90% natural origin, the product of a set of extremely demanding specifications that focuses on natural ingredients sourced responsibly. In each bottle, you will find: a 39% natural-origin perfume concentrate produced using 97.5% green chemistry, 99,9% natural beetroot alcohol from non-GMO sources that is 94% biodegradable; and 100% natural pure water.

-       An optimized formula: free from the colourings, stabilisers and UV filters normally found in traditional formulas, and from BHT and benzyl salicylate. Its formula rich in natural ingredients have been developed to minimise allergens. This approach to formulation in no way affects the integrity of the fragrance.

-       A “less is best” design: just two colours, a logo, a manifesto and a symbol for impactful minimalism. The transparent glass stands for the transparency of a sincere approach.

-       An eco-conscious bottle: under its understated design and timeless pure lines lies a feat of local production: except for the collar of the bottle’s cap, which is sourced from nearby Spain, the rest of the bottle is 100% made in France. The smooth cap, made from partly recycled plastic, feels great in the palm of the hand and sits on top of a bottle made from 40% PCR(1) recycled glass, from collected household glass, to reduce the carbon footprint of production by 9% and lower water usage by 12% (2). Its clean, water-based lacquer and ink printing generates energy savings between 30% - 50%.

-       Eco-friendly outer packaging: in no way superfluous, the outer packaging is made in France and stripped to the bare essentials. Its responsible, traceable, FSC-certified card sports almond green and a manifesto.

-       A socially responsible fragrance line: Rochas fragrances donates 1% of its revenue from the GIRL line to the international organisation 1% For The Planet, which helps different associations working to safeguard the environment.

GIRL definitely doesn’t claim to be perfect. It’s a fragrance that adopts the sincere approach of offering beauty while striving to do better whenever industrial expertise allows. It is an attitude that is certainly destined to evolve as and when innovations present themselves.

Remember its name, GIRL de Rochas and its rallying motto = Spray Good – Feel Good! GIRL by Rochas 100ml RRP AUD $135 & 60ml RRP AUD $102, now available at David Jones.

*BRAINEMOTIONSTM study conducted by IFF in 2020 on a panel of 20 people aged 18 to 45 years old.

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