Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Costume National to launch Supergloss

25 Jul 2021

The idea is a re edit the fragrance gloss, making it more contemporary, sophisticated and more mature. Supergloss is geared to a personality which is less glossy and much more rock n’roll: refined, feminine, sexy, strong.

A sophisticated, sensual, carnal rose: A deep sexy bouquet where the queen of flower, the rose, captures the attention like only real femininity can do. A warm, deep, captivating, intriguing, intoxicating perfume.

The opulent scent of red fruits meets the bright and glowing notes of orange blossoms and lily of the valley.

But it is the heart of the fragrance that really makes hearts fall in love: the intense, warm sensual and sexy carnal notes of osmanthus, rose and benzoin resinoid hypnotize with their rare and beautiful combination.

The dry down is a woody combination of bright woods like cedarwood and the enigmatic light patchouli oil. A touch of vetiver adds mystery and fascination to the whole composition.

CoSTUME NATIONAL new Supergloss will be available at www.libertineparfumerie.com.au from 1 August 2021, 100ml RRP AUD $199.

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