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Sisley Le Sculpteur, For The Body in the Age Of Reason

14 Jul 2021

Sisley Presents Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care - The first product designed to limit the appearance of new adipocytes, anticipate the formation of new areas of fat, and refine the silhouette.

Its unrivalled performance provides visible results from 14 days: the appearance of dimples is improved and the skin is firmed and toned.

For the first time, Sisley embarked on a fundamental research partnership with a team specialising in adipose tissue led by Professor Christophe Magnan from the University of Paris. This unprecedented association led to the identification of a new course of sculpting action before fat is stored. A patent was filed for this innovative sculpting mechanism.

Adipose tissue is formed of cells called adipocytes, which store fat. This tissue varies in thickness according to the body part, and is one of the factors that determine our body shape. Our body contains a number of “dormant” cells known as preadipocytes. As they do not yet contain a lipid droplet, these cells cannot store fat and are 30 to 50 times smaller than adipocytes. If the body needs to store more fat and the existing adipocytes are “full”, it converts these preadipocytes into adipocytes, responsible for the visible fatty deposits.

Adipocytes contain a lipid droplet that is used to store lipids obtained from food.

As they can expand, adipocytes swell to store fat until they reach their critical size, at which point they can no longer store any more. When adipocytes increase in size, fat tissue is deformed and tension is created. This tension can lead to the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin.

In the daytime, our body releases fat. By allowing easier access to lipid droplets, “pre-lipolysis” enhances fat release. Lipolysis then allows adipocytes to release lipids in response to energy requirements, for instance during exertion. When a considerable amount of fat is released, the adipocytes are emptied and their size decreases, leading to a more defined silhouette.

In the night time, our body stores fat through a process called lipogenesis. Lipids are stored in adipocytes if food intake and lifestyle is balanced. If intake increases, they can store more fat by increasing in volume until they reach their maximum size.

In the event of excessive lipid intake, new adipocytes are formed from preadipocytes in a process called adipogenesis.

Fat stores increase as part of an almost irreversible mechanism. The silhouette becomes less defined and cellulite is more likely to appear.

Thus, a good balance between fat storage and release helps to sculpt and define the silhouette.

For the first time, with two ultra-complete corrective/preventive sculpting actions, this product adapts to the body’s natural rhythm, specifically the biorhythm of fat cells, to have an action before fat is stored. In this way, it is capable of providing an even more effective response by means of:

1 – By Day: Boost Lipolysis - A Corrective Action to increase the rate at which fat stored overnight is burned and released.

2 - BY Night: Regulate Adipogenesis - An Unprecedented Preventive Anti-Storage Action.

The cumulative effect of these two intense and complementary daytime and night-time actions promotes sculpting and toning, gradually restoring balance to the figure.

From 14 days, the appearance of cellulite is reduced. Skin is smoother, firmer and seemingly sculpted.

Le Sculpteur is more than a traditional sculpting product; it “reshapes” the contours and volumes of the body to give a defined, resculpted figure that looks more balanced and harmonious.

With repeated application, the figure seems more defined, imperfections are corrected, and the appearance of cellulite is diminished.

The body becomes a source of physical and mental well-being that is lastingly strengthened, toned and enhanced.

This sculpting care offers a unique gel-in-oil texture that allows the active ingredients to be transported as optimally as possible. From application, the gel-in-oil emulsion provides a fresh sensation of well-being. It leaves a velvety finish and has an immediate shaping effect. It absorbs quickly into the skin so clothes can be worn immediately after application. It softens, smooths and nourishes skin to leave it more beautiful.

Women have grown tired of continual dieting, the concept of the “ideal body” and prescribed standards. Today, they see their body as an ally, a vehicle for physical and mental well-being, a perfect partner able to embody health, energy and fulfilment. A new paradigm is emerging: a better body image for a better life.


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