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12 Jul 2021

The Definition series from Spiegelau combines functionality with revolutionary technological advances to create a collection of glassware that you’ll never want to put down.

Beautifully light and perfectly balanced, Spiegelau Definition is an evolution of two previous Spiegelau collections: Willsberger (1982) and Hybrid (2011). The handmade Willsberger collection, designed by Johann Willsberger, saw vast international success and became one of Spiegelau’s most innnovative – and most copied – designs.

Now, with the help of proprietary new technology, Spiegelau introduces a modern collection of thin yet durable glasses for the everyday wine lover. Off the press from the world’s most modern glassmaking factory in Weiden, Germany, these machine-made glasses feel handmade with their light and fine profile.

The new range includes four practical shapes: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Universal and Champagne. Each shape has been designed to showcase wine's aromas and flavours at their very best.

Spiegelau Definition crystal glasses underscore Spiegelau's commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. They are now available at Spiegelau.com.au and at select retailers in a box of two (RRP $140) or a box of six (RRP $320).

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