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Piaget invites you to a celebration of extraordina

06 Jul 2021

Step into the light and experience an enchanted evening full of beauty and wonder, lit up by the radiance of Piaget’s peerless gems and jewels.

Accept Piaget’s invitation to a celebration of extraordinary lights, and share in the spirit of the Piaget society as it gathers to share a scintillating spectacle for the senses: a high jewellery collection like no other.

As evening becomes night, witness a presentation in three captivating stages. Join a show of Festive Lights as lanterns sweep skywards above gathering crowds. Witness the Magical Lights of the auroras as they mesmerize and surprise, and farewell festivities with a heavenly display of Infinite Lights to remain in your heart forever. At every turn of glamorous revelry, vivid lights dance in myriad ways around the most precious of materials and gems. In a faultless interplay of creativity and chromatic contrasts, light in all its nuances seems captured in time by a collection realized with unrivalled imagination and inventiveness. Come with us to become a part of this unique Piaget night, alight with excitement and emotion, and bask in the radiant glow of jewels that soar high into the stratosphere.

Globally celebrated as a true pioneer of the watch and jewellery world, Piaget’s unparalleled craftsmanship and technical prowess combine with an infinite artistry that has been at the heart of this great Maison. Today it still lives by the credo of its founder’s grandson, Valentin Piaget, to ‘do what has never been done before’, and continues in its dedication to an esteemed heritage of excellence, embodied in a blend between the existing and the avantgarde.

At Piaget’s heart lies an enduring devotion to the wonders of gemstones, and a dedication to showcasing the secrets that hide deep within these astonishing creations of nature. As a world master of horology, Piaget is equally inspired by the skillful measurement of time, an age-old profession combining aesthetic beauty and technical skill. With a consistently ground-breaking approach, the Piaget name has long been synonymous with a considered balance between technology and tradition, precision and preciousness. Every Piaget timepiece is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functionally superior, a mastery of art and science in a marriage of equal measure.

The great traditions of goldsmithing are proudly upheld as part of the DNA of this esteemed Maison. In every aspect of crafting a jewel, Piaget is informed by the history of jewellery manufacture. Inspiration lies at the heart of every Piaget design. Precision is the means by which each jewel comes to life. In the Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire, rare skills continue to be harnessed and handed down from generation to generation, honed to perfection over decades of goldsmithing, watchmaking and gem-setting excellence. It is this seamless savoir-faire that lies behind the conversion of daring designs into gold, gemstones and precious materials, faultlessly bringing them together into glittering works of wearable art that are at once both modern and yet enduringly timeless.

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