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Rose 1845 by Lazarus Douvos

01 Jul 2021

The First in its class, a hair care collection crafted like a fine perfume pourable from an elegant hand-blown glass vessel. No wrap-around stickers, pumps or plastic are part of the intrinsic nature of this luxurious brand.

Minimizing consumer confusion with a streamlined offering and presenting natural ingredients further defines the brand’s character, Rose 1845 can be sold confidentially sitting alongside the most prestigious beauty products, including fine fragrances opening new retail opportunities. This allows the consumer to identify the brand’s prestige fragrant haircare positioning and the cleverness behind the brand’s creative force Lazarus Douvos.

Lazarus is the epitome of an innovative designer who accepts only perfection as his standard. He has elevated Rose 1845 to a supreme level, reflected by the customized bottles made in France by the glass specialist Verreries Brosse. The level of Prestige is further heightened by the brand’s signature scent Rose 1845, created by the highly respected master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel.

Using only the best of roses hand-picked from the gardens of Grasse and other world ingredient delicacies, ROSE 1845 is a luxurious proposition in a new era of fine fragranced haircare designed for the most discerning clientele.

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