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Goldfield & Banks introduces first olfactive edition in the botanical series – Silky Woods

21 Jun 2021

Australia has one of the strongest nation brands in the world, with a reputation for clean, green, quality products made and grown to high quality safety standards.

Always keen to showcase the best Australia has to offer, and continue for country’s reputation for sustainability and innovation, local producers are currently working on several new scientific developments in order to grow and harvest locally endangered plant species from all around the world.

The sustainable quality of Australian new essences represents an innovative and contemporary approach to harvesting high grade Australian oils. This showcases Australia’s leading expertise in botanical research and development.

Reminiscent of scientist Joseph Banks’ first voyage to Australia in 1770 where he discovered exotic botanicals formerly unknown to science, Goldfield & Banks offers a new fragrance expressing a new olfactive discovery – a wood species named Agarwood, secretly harvested with the highest scientific standards and in the most sustainable environment in tropical Australia.

While visiting the tropics and its agarwood plantations, Dimitri Weber was mesmerized by the complexity of the techniques in planting the trees and by the methods applied to the harvest and the extraction of the precious and unique agarwood oil. The first seeds of Aquilaria trees were introduced in tropical north Queensland in 2007 and the first Australian grown organic agarwood harvest and processing commenced late 2016.

For this first olfactive edition in the Botanical Series, Dimitri Weber imagined a more subtle, luxe and modern interpretation of agarwood. One that is delightful to wear on any occasion and which offers a sensation of a distinctive woody fragrance on a silky smooth skin.

Silky Woods is delicate yet sensual and to enhance its oriental sillage of agarwood, suede, exotic vanilla and smoky tobacco leaves, Goldfield & Banks adds to the perfume, saffron, incense, ylang-ylang and Australian sandalwood. An oriental perfume of woods, spices and vanilla that carries Silky Woods from sunrise to sunset.

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