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Dermalogica Smart Response Serum, skin care just got smarter!

18 Jun 2021

NEW! Smart Response Serum Delivers a Personalized Response Every Time, for Healthier-Looking Skin Over Time. Our skin is constantly sending out signals. On a macro level, we experience these as signs like redness, fine lines, dark spots, and dehydration. But if we could zoom in for a closer view, we’d see that these skin conditions may actually be caused by damage that happens on a microscopic level. When skin is harmed, it tends to change in structure and chemical make-up – either as a result of damage, or as a form of self-defense. By the time we sense signs of distress, the damage may be done.

Smart Response Serum, however, sees what we can’t – and micromanages your skin’s changing needs, so you don’t have to. This advanced formula is targeted to recognize and address micro- changes in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye, effectively addressing skin’s needs in real time. It responds to skin’s signals – intelligently addressing skin concerns and helping to prevent future damage. Best of all, it does all this before you even notice.

•     Senses skin’s inflammatory response, and activates to help soothe and reduce the appearance of redness. (Gallic Acid from Japanese Cornelia Cherry)

•     Detects collagen weakness, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles – responding to the first signs of visible skin aging to help smooth and firm the skin. (Mannose-6-Phosphate)

•     Activates when it detects too much of a key enzyme involved in melanin production, then responds by brightening skin and helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots. (Hydrolyzed Wheat Flour, rich in Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharid)

•     Reaches even the smallest cracks in skin’s lipid barrier, then responds where it detects dehydration – helping skin to maintain optimal hydration levels. (Oligosaccharides from Hydrolyzed Beta Glucan)

what does your skin need right now? Get a smarter understanding of your skin: learn more about what your skin needs now at smartskinresponse.com.

Smart Response Serum comes in a 30 ml bottle, RRP AUD $211.


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