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Open your eyes to Honey Power

16 Jun 2021

Following the success of Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain now presents Eye R Repair Serum, a new skincare product dedicated to the youthfulness and openness of the eye area that provides a threefold eye-lifting effect.

For the first time, Guerlain Research has brought attention to a new factor in the early emergence of wrinkles, sagging and signs of stress on this area of the face: innervation, the distribution of nerves which is at the source of cutaneous “neuro-ageing”.

Thanks to Abeille Royale BlackBee Eye Repair TechnologyTM, the outcome of scientific research into skin repair mechanisms and the known healing properties of honey, Guerlain’s all-new Eye R Repair Serum marks an exciting new advance in eye contour skincare. To increase the effectiveness of this formula made with 94% naturally derived ingredients, Guerlain has also created Gold Drop, a new and ingenious applicator which delivers the precise dose of serum for a 360° tensing and reviving massage that provides a spectacular eye-opening effect.

Just one drop is enough to reduce the visible signs of ageing, protect this nerve-packed eye area through the power of honey and reduce signs of fatigue. Just one drop is enough to achieve a lifting effect from eyelash to eyebrow and more intense radiance. Just one drop is enough to achieve wider, more open eyes.

Guerlain Abeille Royal Eye R Repair Serum RRP AUD $170

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