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Sisley created two new cleansers for the first essential beauty step–Makeup Removal

09 Jun 2021

Make-up, excess sebum, urban pollution and impurities build up on the skin throughout the day. It is therefore essential to remove make-up, cleanse the skin and rid it of traces of pollution every day to preserve its youth and radiance.

With the launch of Radiance Foaming Cream in 2019, Sisley drew on its expertise and knowledge of the skin and its fundamental needs to present a more sensory approach to this important beauty step.

Since then, the brand has continued this endeavour to turn make-up removal into an effective experience that combines well-being and skincare thanks to new techniques and exciting textures.

2020: Sisley Research has created two new and innovative make-up removers enriched with skincare active ingredients to protect the skin. Available Online: www.sisley.com.au and at selected David Jones stores nationally:

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