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GINGER & SMART presented Resort ’22 ‘Luminesce’ at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week

08 Jun 2021

Returning to Australian Fashion Week in 2021, the GINGER & SMART Resort ‘22 show was experienced in front of more than 300 guests, showcasing the distinctive narrative of designs by Alexandra and Genevieve Smart which is that of the transformative power of fashion to express a sense of optimism.

The Resort ‘22 collection opened with an effortlessly dramatic silk gown and unfolded as a delicate colour progression in silhouettes of generous proportion. As each model took to the runway, an inspirational mood was sensed through the evolution of the collection which appeared to breathe, wrap and envelope each model as they roamed the room.

Shredded silk in voluminous balloon dresses appeared as if to breathe from within, crafted from consciously sourced material through the brand’s continued sustainability mission. The silhouette for Resort ‘22 captured a confident romantic mood, amplified by exaggerated proportions to create an elevating, bold expression that merges the graphic with the botanic. Tucks and folds are hidden in layers of silk and cotton organza, designed to roll and undulate effortlessly with the body. Seeking to capture the light and shade with each piece, this collection embraces modernity and the creation of physical masterpieces that reflect the world in which we live.

Sustainability continues to be the focus and driver for all GINGER & SMART collections, a trans-seasonal vanilla silk trench shows the simplicity of restraint, showcased alongside voluminous exaggerated versions of ready-to-wear pieces. The collection is designed to layer with textures and colours, tailored to the emotions of the individual.

The ink and watercolour prints layered with translucent colour reflect the light from the fabric though gestural paint strokes. Together, these prints sit among a palette of complementary yet opposing solid colours; sherbet pink is paired with desert rose; rattan with hazelnut; and ice mint with kelp green in the distinctive voice of GINGER & SMART.

This transparent, luminous and glassy colour palette further inspired the creation of hand blown glass jewellery in collaboration with glass artist Mark Elliot, in perfectly imperfect organic shaped earrings and pendants. Signature GINGER & SMART quilted bags were oversized or miniature in neon pastels, whilst minimalist flat sandals were custom coloured to each look.

Collaboration and creativity drove the partnerships for this GINGER & SMART Resort ‘22 show. Australian multimedia artist Daniel O’Toole, whose work takes inspiration from light and space, complemented the runway through the creation of a contemporary, transcendental digital art work featuring the colours of the Resort ‘22 collection. An original composition by long time GINGER & SMART collaborator, Gary Sinclair, featured electronic beats with soaring strings and hypnotic sounds of breath.

Showcased at Carriageworks’ Gallery I, Davide Giovanni choreographed the show, who was also on stage capturing the show live on one of two revolving stages which served as undulating runways. Caterina Scardino brought her styling precision, all under the baton of Creative Director, Alan Weekes.

Partnering with innovative hair care brand KMS, led by Hair Director Ali Holmes, GINGER & SMART presented a relaxed and youthful look which speaks to the femininity within the Resort '22 collection. The modern and textural hair look, care of KMS' innovative creative team, evokes a sense of ease, the emotive and joyous ability of nature to inspire. Complemented with a luminous make-up look by Lara Srokowski, Director of Artistry for Lanco?me Australia, GINGER & SMART presented a polished yet effortless beauty look with natural glowing skin and a pop of spontaneous eye colour.

This presentation unveiled an emotionally charged collection with a joyous mood, eliciting a new way of seeing, channeling the tenacity of the human spirit for 2021 and beyond.

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