Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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This is ... Not A Collection

03 Jun 2021

Clean, pure, unique – A fragrance made out of a single element called Cetalox. Usually used in perfumery as a base note, it plays here the lead role… Another advantage of this particular composition, is that it is entirely allergen free. The result is minimalist, elegant, pure - Juliette’s iconic fragrance! Superdose is the overdose version of the original Not A Perfume.

In addition to ‘Not A Hair & Body Mist’ & ‘Not A Hand Cream’, the ‘Not A Collection’ collection also launched some new members, including A Room Spray which is ‘Not A Room Spray’, a shower gel called ‘Not A Shower Gel’ and a 180gm candle of course named with ‘Not A Candle’ - Explosive names for an explosive collection!

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