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Introducing Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum?A nightcap for your skin. Bring the skin of your dreams to life – smoother, softer and radiant in just 10 nights

2 Feb 2024

Australians have a love-hate relationship with the sun. On the one hand its warmth affords us the quintessential Australian pastime of going to the beach; swimming, laying in the sand and enjoying the scenic views. But, we know that all the fun in the sun can actually be our skin’s enemy.  

The sun’s rays are amongst the harshest in Australia due to our close proximity to the equator. And, because of our clear atmospheric conditions (AKA limited cloud cover), our skin is easily exposed and faces damage including uneven skin tone, rough texture, the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots and signs of ageing, which is unsurprsingly one of Australians leading skin concerns.

Asides the obvious sun protection measures that we should all be practicing daily, our skincare routine plays a vital role in mitigating sun damage and signs of ageing. From exfoliating, to incorporating antioxidants, and moisturising, these are all crucial steps to help improve skin’s tone and texture, prevent excess melanin production and deliver that skin glow we all aspire towrads. That’s why fresh have created a solution that bottles all these steps into a luxurious nightcap for your skin.

Meet new Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum. This creamy, fast-absorbing serum boosts skin’s nightime recovery mode to address first signs of ageing and target uneven texture and dark spots so you can awake with softer, smoother skin, the perfect base for your morning make-up.

Featuring a dreamy duo of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), this serum marks fresh’s first foray with chemical exfoliation. But in true fresh form, it takes a gentle approach to not compromise on the indulgent and sensorial experience that fresh fans know and love, while still delivering an instant effectiveness.

Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum delivers multi-level exfoliation: glycolic acid penetrates deeper layers of the skin’s surface, while citric acid helps to detach dead skin cells from the top layer. But, it is the addition of Prickly Pear Extract, which has resurfacing properties and supports skin renewal activity that enhances the exfoliation process and allows for it to be gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for nightly use. The result is +23% smoother skin texture after one application. Plus after 10 nights, consumers saw -16% fewer visible dark spots and +26% more radiance.

The serum, also features fresh’s youth-preserving, antioxidant rich Super Lotus to smooth the look of fines lines, while polyglutamic acid helps to deliver the comfort your skin needs.

Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum is formulated within a specific pH range for effective performance while being gentle enough for all skin types and tones. To use, apply 2-3 pumps to clean skin at night and let the gel-cream texture with a refreshing peach scent absorb into skin. Pair with Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream for overnight recovery and wake up to the smooth, radiant skin of your dreams, that will have you glowing all day long.

Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum $98 AUD is now available in store at Sephora, and online at Sephora.com.au.

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