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What does ‘Rosebud’ mean to Kane?

27 May 2021

Orson Welle’s 1941 film Citizen Kane deals with the rise and fall of a newspaper magnate, Charles Foster Kane.

A man who sought love from the world but ended up pushing everyone around him away. A man who created an empire out of nothing, fell in love with a beautiful woman, and almost got elected as the Governor of New York.

On his deathbed, the man drops a glass-ball paperweight and whispers ‘Rosebud’ as the only thing that matters to him. How come?

A reporter tries to figure the meaning of it through a number of storytellers who knew Kane (a stepfather, a friend, a business partner, a lover and a butler) but fails to learn the meaning of the word and realizes it is probably just another puzzle piece of a bigger picture.

In the end, the audience gets to see the last piece of the puzzle. As Kane’s belongings are being destroyed, the camera reveals a burning sled and its trade name ‘Rosebud’, the sled Kane used to play with when he was with his mother…

But why would Kane, the most fortunate person in the world, think about the time with his mother on his deathbed?

Perhaps the new Amouage Rose Incense will give you some hints on what does ‘Rosebud’ truly means to Kane.

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