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22 Jan 2024

As the Year of the Dragon draws near, the House presents a new capsule collection in celebration of the cherished festivities. This marks a time when families gather to honor this significant occasion, embracing the rich traditions and joyful spirit associated with this time of year, that precedes both the beginning of the Lunar New Year and the arrival of Spring.

Capturing the essence of the festive season, the new story, starring actress Tian Xiwei and actor Zhou Yiran, depicts intimate portraits and scenarios that draw from the collective imagination about this joyous time of year. Celebrating love and togetherness, stills and video spotlight comforting hugs and heartfelt smiles, seemingly simple yet precious moments that weave into the tapestry of the new year traditions, connecting people and generations.

Tian Xiwei and Zhou Yiran are pictured wearing looks from the Year of the Dragon capsule collection. A curated selection of Ready-to-Wear, Handbags, Shoes and Accessories for Women and Men, mixing the House’s codes and iconic motifs to references to the dragon symbology, an emblem of harmony and prosperity. Cozy knitwear, colorful sneakers, signature handbags and leather accessories along with Silks, Silver Jewelry pieces and Eyewear compose a thoughtful and sophisticated collection of pieces, each perfect for gifting whether to the beloved or to oneself.

Gucci’s capsule collection for the Year of the Dragon is available at select Gucci boutiques and online at gucci.com.

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