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09 Jan 2024

Gucci presents a new campaign dedicated to the House’s travel collections, a testament to its rich heritage and everlasting savoir-faire.

Global Brand Ambassador and actress Ni Ni and actor Chang Chen, whose genuine friendship seamlessly transcends from real life to the set, are the protagonists of a narrative that celebrates relationships, inviting the viewer in a world where meaningful connections and shared experiences take precedence, encapsulating the spirit of Gucci’s community.

Envisioned by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno the new Gucci Valigeria campaign stands as a celebration of love and the broader concept of family whereby the most valuable connections are the ones we choose to keep close. Captured in an airport, a place of departures and arrivals, the two friends cross paths in a moment of immediate emotion highlighting the special kind of familiar beauty that travel brings, especially when you find yourself beside a friend that is like family.

Ni Ni and Chang Chen carry travel items from the Gucci Savoy collection echoing the House’s century-spanning vision of travel through historic craftmanship and codes. This is a narrative that continues to land in the contemporary under the vision of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno with the new neon travel designs featured in the campaign. Each piece is a companion for life's journeys, symbolizing the versatility of Gucci in adapting to diverse lifestyles, smoothly complementing Ni Ni’s and Chang Chen’s casual and chic looks. Embracing the ethos of the modern era, the Valigeria collections effortlessly blend style and functionality, becoming an integral part of the wearer's daily narrative.

The House’s travel collections including the Gucci Savoy line are available in select boutiques across the world and on gucci.com. The new neon styles will arrive in stores and online later this year.

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