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30 Dec 2023

Since its founding in 1898, RIMOWA has constantly set benchmarks of innovation and design. In this spirit, the German Maison launched the RIMOWA Design Prize in 2022, an annual student competition that aims to celebrate Germany’s storied design heritage while inspiring young creators. Now, in continuation of this mission, RIMOWA is proud to announce the second edition of the prize.

Founded on values of innovation, inclusivity, and global change, the prize seeks to empower creative talents of the future, with the brand partnering with some of Germany’s leading design universities, offering students the space to convert their creative potential into tangible projects.

The second edition of the prize is set to take place from December 2023 to May 2024, with a ceremony celebrating the finalists to be held during Berlin Design Week. The 2024 edition of the RIMOWA Design Prize will continue to address the topic of mobility, with the students encouraged to interpret the theme freely while considering mobility’s global impact and RIMOWA’s values of resilience, excellence and quality.

Offering students an inclusive and nurturing environment, the competition gives the young talents the chance to present their work to a jury of industry heavyweights who reflect RIMOWA’s unique voice and values. As with its previous edition, the RIMOWA Design Prize welcomes a diverse jury of experts across multiple design disciplines, offering a broad array of learning opportunities for students. The prize also gives students who advance into the first round the chance to benefit from a mentorship programme throughout the competition, spearheaded by a leading jury member.

“In an era where mobility carries unprecedented importance, we’re proud to continue our mission with the RIMOWA Design Prize. This theme has indeed paved the way for ambitious projects by young talents. This year, we want to sustain this momentum, as we reaffirm our commitment to German design excellence with a second edition steered by our jury of true vanguards in the world of design.”, says RIMOWA CEO, Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert.

Alongside the mentorship programme, the prize offers participants various networking opportunities, a professional workplace to conduct their oeuvre as well as infrastructural support to bring it all to life. The RIMOWA Design Prize will celebrate seven finalists with a series of monetary awards as well. The winner, who will be selected by the jury, will be awarded the sum of €20,000. The runner-up will be awarded a €10,000 prize, while those in third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh place will receive a prize of €5,000.

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