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Rediscover the power of Rosehip Oil with essano’s Hydrating Rosehip skincare range

24 May 2021

Essano introduces a new-look packaging for the cult Rosehip range to celebrate a new era for the brand. The new Rosehip Oil is still 100% organically grown and cold-pressed, but now it’s hand-picked and processed by smallholder farmers and their families in Patagonia Austral - a pure, untouched region in the extreme south of Chile renowned for the quality of its Rosehip crop.

Since 2013, Essano has been creating highly efficacious skincare products. In 2021 they unveiled their newly formulated Hydrating Rosehip skincare range, enriched with their signature skin-loving, certified organic, ethically and sustainably sourced Rosehip Oil which now comes from the extreme south of Chile, the Patagonia Austral (latitude of 44°), one of nature’s untouched and purest sources of Rosehip Oil.

This powerful ingredient combined with active botanicals such as Acai Berry Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter works synergistically in all essano Hydrating Rosehip products to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin, helping women to look and feel radiant.

Rosehip continues to be a sought after oil, as it’s scientifically proven to help: Minimise the appearance of fine lines, scars, and sun damage, boost moisture, hydrate the skin, enhance skin tone and brightens the skin.

The Essano Hydrating Rosehip skincare range encompasses 18 scientifically formulated skincare products, ensuring women have access to effective, natural skincare at affordable prices in convenient locations. Essano is renowned globally for their free-from product promise, selecting only proven natural ingredients for their effectiveness and ability to deliver amazing results - this range maintains this promise.

A 100% owned and operated New Zealand brand, Essano is proud to be a leader in sustainability. In addition to its new source of Rosehip Oil, Essano introduced the use of 100% recycled material in its packaging in 2017, which has since diverted 58 tonnes of plastic that could have otherwise gone to landfill.

Essano is proudly 100% cruelty-free, none of the products or ingredients are tested on any furry friends, just some lucky humans.

Dedicated to their brand ethos to empower women and men to be fearless in their self-care choices, essano is committed to making premium natural skincare affordable and accessible for everyone. That is why you can buy Essano from all good supermarkets and chemists nationwide.

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