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Jo Loves opens its first standalone store in the Strand Arcade, Sydney

22 Dec 2023

Jo Malone CBE made a name for herself masterfully designing luxury fragrances — and Australians now have the chance to sample the sophisticated yet unexpected scents from her line, Jo Loves at the brands first standalone store in the Strand Arcade, Sydney. 

The new store will showcase Jo Loves' incredible scents and work as an immersive experience for fragrance fans. Jo Loves' signature Fragrance Tapas experience asks perfume fans to choose their favourite smells before being presented with a plate of scents. These scents are then mixed into a foam texture that is massaged onto your hands and arms. 

Here, customers can not only shop fragrances but also immerse themselves in the process of creation, embodying Malone’s belief that fragrance is more than just a product; it’s an experience. 

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