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ABSOLU AVENTUS - An exclusive twist on an icon, for those who appreciate the extraordinary

26 Nov 2023

The House of Creed introduces Absolu Aventus; a limited edition, artistic interpretation of its legendary scent, Aventus, which will launch in November 2023, available only while stocks last.

An exquisite masterpiece, Absolu Aventus offers a complex twist that creatively pays homage to Aventus’ iconic signature notes, enhancing its revered pineapple and floral notes with a fresh first impression and a nuanced blend of warm and sensuous notes that spontaneously reimagines an icon – but only for a limited time. While the original Aventus has spurred legions of fans worldwide, Absolu is a rarer edition to the collection which will delight Aventus devotees and invite a fortunate few to join its discerning community.

Opening with dynamic yet delicate notes of bergamot, lemon and blackcurrant, refreshing grapefruit makes its Aventus family debut to accelerate a citrus burst with sophisticated sharpness. The continued use of pineapple, a much-loved note in the original Aventus, offers the opportunity to explore new contrasts: the cocooning warmth of cardamon and cinnamon, accentuated by the woody intensity of patchouli and the unmistakable earthiness of extraordinary Haitian vetiver. Drying down to a sensuous and long-lasting base, new musks and ambery notes only intensify Absolu’s powerfully intoxicating sillage.

Taking its name from the Latin ‘Absolvere’ meaning ‘to set free’, Absolu Aventus is a creative exploration crafted in total freedom, discovering new elements and contrasts that distinguish it from its iconic counterpart.

This modern masterpiece is a tribute that will be treasured by new and existing members of the Aventus family alike. With an air of exclusivity, this olfactory marvel is the epitome of sophistication, designed to tantalise the senses of those who seek only the most extraordinary. But just as a shooting star graces the night sky but once, Absolu Aventus is a rare event that shall adorn only a fortunate few with its highly limited run.

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