Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Trudon introduces the ASTRAL Collection

23 Nov 2023

Composed of four distinctive perfumes, each scented candles shines bold, glorified with golden rays that eco both the solar power of the Sun King and the rising importance of astronomy as a science. Unfolding like a shining star, a new scent Altaïr marries the strength of oud with delicateness of rose. It joins the stellar collection composed of Gloria’s warm and spicy scent; Fir’s woody notes, and Gabriel’s rich scent of firewood. Crafted with care and a unique savoir-faire, the colourful glass of each candle – Gabriel (green), Gloria (red) and Fir (blue) - are adorned with gold leaf and a halo of golden beams surrounds a metalized Trudon emblem. Luminous, Altaïr stands out in a singular glass: gold on the inside, it is covered in silver leaf.

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