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Australian wellness company FERMIO

19 May 2021

Founded by a team of professionals with over 30 years of collective experience in pharmacy, biochemistry and biotechnology, FERMIO formulate its products to deliver the best of nature and science. FERMIO will launch with a range of unique scientifically driven wellbeing products designed to be integrated into everyday routines, providing multi- functional health benefits in each product formulation.

Kicking off with the launch of their star product, FERMIO Nutritional Cleanse is formulated to provide an easy and convenient boost to support digestive health and kickstart healthy habits. The product aims to cleanse and nourish gut health in with triple fermented whole foods.

On the development of the range, FERMIO scientists were inspired by the concept of “eating the rainbow” for optimal health and looked for ways to capture the essential nutrients the body needs by creating a unique signature blend of ingredients.

For that reason, FERMIO products contain up to 88 triple-fermented ingredients to effectively cleanse the digestive system, balance the gut microbiome and nourish the body with potent phytonutrients to promote optimal wellbeing.

Fermentation has long been used as a natural preservation process that enhances food’s nutrients and is known to diversify intestinal flora and, in turn, enhance the immune system for better overall health. Unlike single fermentation, FERMIO harness triple-fermentation to allow the bacteria to synthesize vitamins and increase their nutrient density, packing even more goodness into one dose.

FERMIO Immunity+ Complex Health & Vitality Tonic is a modern blend of Chinese herbs, adaptogens and plant-powered antioxidants formulated to optimize immune function and reinforce the body’s defences. Naturally-derived anti-inflammatory enzymes and bioactive extracts support a robust circulatory system, essential for swift immune responses.

FERMIO Collagen+ Clarity Formula combines premium Japanese Marine Collagen, with natural nootropics to support mental clarity, and calming GABA to reduce stress. This caffeine-free and stimulant-free formula will have you glowing from the inside and mentally sharp on the outside.

Available on www.fermio.com.au and selected pharmacies.

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