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ZitSticka launches in Australia

25 May 2021

ZitSticka — the inclusive Instagram brand — launches in Australia to transform the way people treat and talk about adult acne.

Tech-meets-skincare brand ZitSticka has launched their direct-to-consumer, acne-focused brand on Australian shores, via zitsticka.com.au and Priceline Pharmacies, making their full-spectrum suite of breakout-fighting products available to Aussies.

The brand’s award-winning suite caters to “every kind of zit, at every stage”, unlocking “innovative delivery systems” to fight zits, fade post-zit hyperpigmentation and unclog congested pores.

Australian brothers-in-law, Robbie Miller and Daniel Kaplan launched the brand online and through retail in 2019, primarily servicing the US market. There, they experienced rapid commercial growth and solidified brand affinity with their refreshing views on skin positivity and by normalising open conversations around acne

“Beyond fighting breakouts, ZitSticka wants to change the way people think about acne,” says co-founder Robbie Miller. “ZitSticka’s mission on a broad level is changing the way people think about acne. This means transparent acne conversations that don’t shroud or sidestep breakouts. Skin changes; fluctuates. Is clear; breaks out. ZitSticka believes no skin is normal. We reject the pursuit of perfection that has fuelled the beauty industry since, well, time immemorial.”

Today, ZitSticka is carried in luxury retailers, Net-a-Porter, as well as specialty beauty retailers, Goop, Violet Grey and Ulta (U.S.). Across the U.K., the brand is carried by select Boots nationwide, as well as multi-brand favourite, Cult Beauty. They have received praise in US publications like Vogue, Allure, Into The Gloss, NYLON and more.

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