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Fall-in-Art Event at Jen’s Farm

17 Apr 2021

Mid April - Autumn in Sydney, with Hither & Yon wine and Minenssey, our founder Icy Ling and Jennifer Spark organized a KOL event in Jen’s Farm.

Located in Londonderry, Jen’s farm is a Xanadu for organic beauty and nature. During Icy’s first visit to the farm, she fell in love with the native plants and animals which inspired her for this art event to let the Chinese KOLs living in Sydney experience the Australian nature, inspiring them for their content creation.

The event started with a Australian Wine Tasting session of Hither & Yon wines. Followed with a visit to the farm. All guests were then invited to learn drawing and watercolor techniques from Icy, who is also passionate about painting. Started her welcome speech using the famous motto from the film Ratatouille - “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. “Icy encouraged everyone to be creative with the wine bottles, glasses and Minenssey clay masks during the art session. Although many guests have practiced paintings in the past, watercolor is fairly new to most of them.

“Similar to paring food with wine, applying skincare and makeup, or travelling, watercolor is also unpredictable. I found it fascinating. And I also enjoy turning the unexpected mistakes into successes.”

About Hither & Yon: Hither & Yon, started from Hunter Valley, then moved to McLaren Vale in the 1980s, grouped a selection of vineyard spread across the region between hills & sea, under its family estate. Hither & Yon values soil and people. With care and creativity, its passion is to have a promising future of making both soil and people healthy and happy. Farming with a dynamic holistic system, brings tension to the wine, releases in the glasses with exciting, truly expressing vineyard and variety. Hither & Yon believed in making better wines with a lighter footprint – giving back, growing forward, and having fun.

About Minenssey: Minenssey redefines the meaning of healthy skin and reinterprets the holistic importance of restoring and preserving skin health through botanic-rich formulas that reveal your inner and outer radiant glow. Endlessly inspired by the natural intelligence of plants, Minenssey performance-driven products are invigorated by Mother Nature and carefully curated from botanical ingredients and extracted through innovative technology for the ultimate preservation of skin health.

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